Designed, Developed & Deployed …
For your enjoyment we present examples of the website work we have previously associated with.

Websites in the sand :

Silverman Group
Silverman Group utilised Pyramid Developments PHP/MySQL and Flash skills with design by Rocketship to create a unique view of their work. Using a database driven toolset, Silverman are able to dynamically change the flash and HTML content of their site.

Berman Gobin Creative (Version 2.0)
Berman Gobin provided us with a design and a unique challange. They wanted their site to be "something special". We created a flash based website with a database toolkit that allows hem to customize the site as they wish. Allowing for embedded video anda very unique look and feel.

Fenwick Smith
Fenwick Smith is a previous member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, having decided to concentrate on his own performances and teaching at the NEC, Fenwick required a website to promote his new activities. The site is designed to be easily editable with off the shelf web tools and maintained is by Fenwick himself.

Washington Square Financial
Providing financial advice and solutions. Washington Square Financial wanted a user friendly site that provided no-nonsense clear design and navigation to be easily understandable by everyone. Designed by Berman Gobin Creative and implemented by Pyramid Developments this site enables the team to easily update examples etc.

Discovering What’s Next
Discovering What’s Next, a non-profit organization aiding retirees to make the most of their retirement, required a web presence to aid them in their work. Working within a very tight budget the site was co-designed by Pyramid Developments and DWN’s own designer. It was required that the site was easily maintainable by DWN, to this end a system was designed that maintained an elegant interface while allowing easy editing.

The Boston Globe - Why Buy Boston
The Boston Globe wanted to promote why having your business in Boston is a good idea. Berman Gobin Creative provided the design, and structure of the site and again relied on Pyramid Developments to deliver the solution. All flash work and site implementation by Pyramid Developments.

HotHouse Innovation
Business consultants HotHouse Innovation wanted a website that reflected their unique approach to innovation within a business. Berman Gobin Creative provided a design idea utilizing Pyramid Developments to provide the solution and methods to drive this unique site.

Rhonda Frederick
Rhonda Frederick teaches courses in Caribbean and African American Studies with emphases on political and cultural themes, and women’s writing.¬†Upon the imminent publication of her book Rhonda approached Pyramid Developments to design, develop and deliver her website.

MÄK Technologies
A creator an market leader in simulation software for the military, MÄK required a new website to reflect their status in the industry. Pyramid Developments worked with MÄK to develop the requirements of their website along with the final graphic design and deployment of the site.

Lanoue Fine Art
A gallery of contemporary art in Boston. The gallery needed an efficient web site that allowed easy maintenance of the inventory of art and artists available at the gallery. Pyramid Developments developed a custom designed database solution enabling the gallery to maintain the website without external consultation.

Connected Corporation - Home User Minisite (No Longer Active)
Connected required a specific minisite to facilitate Home Users understanding their product offerings and solutions. This site was required to ensure that as many of the pages of the site be available through the navigation system at all times to prevent visitors feeling overwhelmed or lost by the site.

Connected Corporation - Small Business Minisite (No Longer Active)
A brother to the Home user site, Connected required a specific minisite to facilitate Small Business users understanding their product offerings and solutions. The same site design as the Home User site was decided upon, although it was decided that each site would have it‘s own look to further separate the offerings.

Berman Gobin Creative (Version 2.0 Launched, see above)
This creative design group had designed the look, feel and style of their web site. Pyramid Developments provided the technical expertise to take these designs and make it happen. The large amount of graphics elements in the site made it necessary that the images were dynamically downloaded. The end result is a flash site with BGC's own sense of style.

Hoops Archery
A Pro shop and range for the Archery enthusiast and competitor. Pyramid Developments worked with Hoops to provide them with a professional webpage to reflect their level of commitment to the Archery community. It was also very important to Hoops that they could maintain the site independently.

Liberty Hill Inn
A luxury inn based in Yarmouthport on Cape Cod. Liberty Hill were happy with the design and layout of their website. However, they were very disappointed in its performance and manageability. Pyramid Developments were able to optimize their site and allow easier maintenance of the content.